European Commission Introduces Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies

As mentioned in our previous news, the e-CODUCT consortium applies the Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (N&N). It mentions that the parties involved should endeavour to adopt N&N standard terminology to facilitate the communication of scientific evidence.

To move in this direction, the partners of the e-CODUCT consortium mainly use the latest EU glossary, which contains the latest definition of nanoparticles issued by the European Commission. You can read it in the “Commission Recommendation of 10June 2022 on the definition of nanomaterials “Commission recommendation of 10.6.2022 on the definition of nanomaterial “.

Nanomaterials consist of differently shaped small particles that are no larger than a hundred nanometres, i.e. about a thousand times smaller than the thickness of a human hair. Nanomaterials therefore have specific properties and some are used by industry and in products. Because of these properties, nanomaterials are subject to specific regulatory control, both through general chemicals legislation (REACH) and through sectoral legislation concerning their use in specific products such as biocides, cosmetics or food (EC, 10/6/2022; source).