About e-CODUCT

Fast-response Electrically heated catalytic reactor technology for CO₂ reDUCTion

The EU-funded e-CODUCT project aims to develop a working pilot plant for an electrothermal catalytic reactor powered by renewable energy sources. The fluidised bed electrothermal reactor will produce industrially valuable carbon monoxide (CO) and sulphur (S) from carbon dioxide (CO₂) and hydrogen sulphide (H₂S). The conversion process will involve two steps: The reduction of CO₂ and H₂S to carbonyl sulphide (COS) and the decomposition of COS into CO and sulphur. e-CODUCT will optimise the reactor materials and catalysts and scale up to TRL6 to produce 16 t/year of CO while reducing the reactor size by 50%. The proposed technology is already used in methane cracking for hydrogen and carbon production and could be adapted for other applications such as fluid catalytic cracking, steam cracking and dehydrogenation.

Fast-response Electrically heated catalytic reactor technology for CO₂ reDUCTion


        Development of stable and sulphur-resistant catalysts and construction of a pilot-scale reactor to demonstrate the conversion of CO₂ and H₂S into COS;

*        Development of an operational pilot plant to demonstrate ETFB reactor technology for the conversion of COS into CO;

*        Validation of the quality of the reaction products and conversion of CO into green methanol;

*        Construction of reactor and process models with integrated microkinetics for process optimization and scale-up;

*      Demonstration of the techno-economic and environmental performance of developed e-CODUCT reactors and models via extensive techno-economic evaluation and LCA modeling.

The e-CODUCT project is funded under Horizon Europe Grant Agreement n°101058100