NGSC 13 – Symposium: Electrocatalysis:
From Renewable Energy to Valorised Gas

Project coordinator Prof. Joris W. Thybaut from Ghent University presented the innovative e-CODUCT project at the 13th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium – NGCS13 as keynote speaker. He shared his insights on the topic “Electrocatalysis: From Renewable Energy to Valorised Gas” and presented the e CODUCT technology as a major step forward in the efficient reduction and valorisation of refinery off-gases. [ABSTRACT]D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan

The international symposium NGCS13 brought together more than 100 renowned scientists and researchers from universities, research institutes and industry. The conference featured plenary lectures, keynote speeches, invited talks, oral presentations and poster sessions to share and discuss the latest and cutting-edge technologies and research advances in gas conversion, modelling and catalytic materials.