6GA e-CODUCT 6-month progress meeting

On 15-16 March 2023, the e-CODUCT consortium met in Cavaillon (France) to discuss the status and progress
of the project since its official launch in September 2022.

e-CODUCT project partners at the kick-off meeting, Belgium 20-21/09/2022

UGent, the coordinating partner, and TOTAL, the project management partner, opened the meeting, followed by the host partner’s presentation SG CREE. The discussion continued with UGENT presenting the activities related to ethics management. On the second day of the meeting, the discussion took place with the ethics advisor of e-CODUCT, Patrick Ruedelsheim.

The partners presented the activities related to the research and development activities. The technical tasks have started with the optimisation of the reaction to convert CO₂ into COS and focus on the development of catalysts and the optimisation of the reaction between CO₂ and H₂S. The corresponding work package is led by SG CREE with partners CNRS-LCS and UGent. The reactor was commissioned at CNRS-LCS and a first technical exchange on the reaction, batch and continuous flow reactor was established. Also in the work package on the conversion of COS to CO using an electrothermal fluidised bed (led by CONOT), the first steps were taken with a proposal for the reactor design. The Melanin Chemical Plant in Slovenia was selected to install the pilot line.

Communication and dissemination results achieved since the start of the project were also presented.

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