18GA e-CODUCT Progress Meeting

On 4 and 5 March 2024, the e-CODUCT consortium met in Caen (France) for the 18GA Progress Meeting. The meeting was organised by ENSICAEN.

On the first day, the e-CODUCT coordinator, Joris Thybaut (UGENT), opened the 18M General Assembly Progress Meeting, explaining the objectives of the meeting and the status of the project. The first topic on the agenda was project management. Prof Thybaut and Philippe Lenain (BENKEI) gave an overview of the successes and difficulties and the future focus on project reporting and the post-reporting review meeting. Alen Rupnik (NIC) presented the activities related to communication, dissemination and utilisation. This was followed by a joint workshop for WP3/5, where Igor Shlyapnikov (CONOT) presented the details of the reactor design and Klaus Jacobs (UGENT) presented and discussed the status of the modelling activities. In the subsequent workshop WP2/5, Hélène Rétot (SG CREE) presented and discussed the results of the last 6 months regarding the response of COS formation. In the context of ethical requirements (WP8), the partners demonstrated the consideration of the EU Code of Conduct” and the actions already taken.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the workshops on WP5/6. Juraj Hrstka (PDC) together with Rob Hanusa (PDC) and Suresh Mekala (DECHEMA) presented the conceptual process design and LCA. Hélène Rétot together with Alexey Novikov (SG CREE) presented the activities related to WP2 – Optimisation of the reaction of CO2 conversion to COS. Igor Shlyapnikov (CONOT) presented WP3 – Electrothermal fluidised bed conversion of COS into CO. The work on decomposition and kinetics of COS continued and the results are very interesting for the project. Next, Izabel Medeiros Costa (TOTB) presented WP4 – Validation of progress in product valorisation. Jeroen Lauwaert (UGENT) presented WP5 – Process engineering, integration design and demonstration.

The e-CODUCT project team has successfully overcome the challenges along the way and has made significant progress and achieved valuable results in the last six months.

e-CODUCT project partners at the 18GA progress meeting (host partner ENSICAEN, Caen, France 4/5 March 2024)