12GA e-CODUCT progress and advisory board meeting

On 27 and 28 September 2023, the e-CODUCT consortium met in Seneffe (Belgium) to discuss the status and progress after the first year of project implementation. Project partner TOTB hosted the meeting.

e-CODUCT project partners at the 12GA progress meeting (host partner TOTB, Seneffe, Belgium 27/28 September 2023)

The coordinator, Joris Thybaut (UGENT) and Gleb Veryasov (TOTB) opened the 12M General Assembly. Joris Thybaut explained the objectives of the meeting and the status of the project. The first topic on the agenda was project management. He gave an overview of the successes and difficulties and the cooperation between the UGENT and the ethics advisor. Benkei led the financial webinar to convey the key elements of Horizon Europe’s financial rules to the project partners. This was followed by a joint workshop of WP2/3/5. Gleb Veryasov (TOTB) presented the progress of WP4 (validation of product validation). Juraj Hrstka (PDC), Rob Hanusa (UGENT) and Jens Artz (DECHEMA) presented the progress of WP6 (Techno-economic and sustainability assessment and LCA). DECHEMA will organise an online workshop within the consortium to discuss the regulatory framework. On the first day, the results of communication and dissemination, activities and open questions were also presented.

On the second day of the meeting, an advisory board meeting took place. The members of the e-CODUCT Advisory Board come from the companies LINDE, NextChem, Johnson Matthey and SULPHURNET. A discussion took place with the ethics advisor (WP8 – Ethics monitoring activities) of e-CODUCT, Patrick Rüdelsheim. Joris Thybaut (UGENT) and Gleb Veryasov (TOTB) presented the project to the members of the advisory board and moderated the round table. The leaders of the working groups (Hélène Rétot (SG CREE) WP2 – Optimisation of the reaction for the conversion of CO2 to COS; Igor Shlyapnikov (CO NOT) WP3 – Electrothermal fluidised bed conversion of COS to CO; Gleb Veryasov (TOTB) presented WP4 – Validation of product valorisation) presented the scope of work and the results achieved and discussed them with the Advisory Board. The project officer also attended the meeting. Joris Thybaut concluded the meeting with an invitation to the sister projects workshop“The Electric Decade” on 17 Janaury 2024. After the meeting, the tour in TOTB premises followed.

e-CODUCT project partners at the 12GA progress meeting – TOTB tour (Seneffe, Belgium 28 September 2023)

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